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Nightly Affairs of State, 19

Nightly Affairs of State : Page 19

Sorry for the lateness, everyone! There was a small medical emergency in the family, and I had a somewhat busy week visiting doctors (or trying to, since it seems that most of the town’s doctors decided to go on holiday at the same time xD). But everything’s alright, no worries! And at last here’s the new page, including some more of those walls of text I promised you at the beginning of this chapter. Enjoy!

A Tale Yet Unclaimed will change its update schedule

Update news

Hello everybody! I have some news for you.

I think I’m throwing the “updates Fridays” thing out of the window. The pages of this comic are slowly becoming more detailed, and I like drawing them most when I can take the time to experiment on them and try out some new things, which is fun but also takes me longer than just redoing stuff that I already know how to do. I may have more to do in the near future, too, which also speaks against trying to rush for no real reason. So, if everybody is alright with it, I’ll stop uploading pages on Fridays and instead just upload them whenever I finish them, which depending on the page may take me more or less than a week.

I’m open to suggestions, though, so if you have OPINIONS, let me know! I like opinions. I also like channel 5.5. It’s a nice channel.

(And of course, the apple flavour is Granny Smith.)