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Underground, 2

Underground : Page 2

Hey! Look who’s back!

Hello, everybody! I’m on holidays in Spain, and I’m not going to have internet all the time (or a lot of time to draw, probably), so I don’t think there’ll be any new comics for a month or so. In the meantime, enjoy your summer and have a great time! 😀



So here are the answers! In the end I didn’t get a lot of questions, but answering these was fun!

Next week starts Underground, and you can imagine who is going to return at last…

Nightly Affairs of State, 21

Nightly Affairs of State : Page 21

Nightly Affairs of State is about to end! (And it was about time, I got tired of writing “Nightly Affairs of State” again and again after page three.) The order for the chapters that were supposed to come after this one went out of the window already, so John Archer will probably return sooner (and for longer) than expected.

In the meantime, would you want me to do a Q&A round? Does anybody have any questions about the insanity that’s going on, or about Kengland’s regular insanity? If you do, ask away!

Nightly Affairs of State, 19

Nightly Affairs of State : Page 19

Sorry for the lateness, everyone! There was a small medical emergency in the family, and I had a somewhat busy week visiting doctors (or trying to, since it seems that most of the town’s doctors decided to go on holiday at the same time xD). But everything’s alright, no worries! And at last here’s the new page, including some more of those walls of text I promised you at the beginning of this chapter. Enjoy!