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Underground, 11

Underground : Page 11

Underground : Page 11 published on

That’s it for Underground! And here come the bad news: I’m going to stop drawing Unclaimed for a while.

The main issue is that it’s become really time-consuming, and that I’m worrying too much about that. In the beginning I could easily make a page a week, but then I started complicating things, and now it takes me wayyyy too long to finish even single panels (that don’t even come out looking like a masterpiece or anything). So then I keep worrying about the page not being done by the end of the week and stop enjoying the whole process, which makes everything worse. I tried to change the update schedule to «whenever I finish a page», but apparently I’m an crazy person who won’t stop obsessing over imaginary deadlines, so that didn’t help a lot; then I also took a break during summer holidays, but as soon as I got back I was stressing again. I think I need to get away from it for some time, clear my head, and come back with fresh ideas and a fresh attitude.

I feel kind of bad about this; I am very sorry to disappoint, especially after I said I would try my best to continue. But I really feel that it doesn’t make any sense to keep doing this while I’m not enjoying it.

Thank you for your understanding, and also thank you very much for reading so far! You are what makes this all worthwhile <3


Thank you for all you have given us so far!

Making an unpaid web comic should be fun. If it is not, what is the point?

I have seen many web comics artists fall into the «Being a better artist means things take longer» trap. I suggest you take a good look at your process and find out where most of your time goes, and then find ways to speed those steps. There are many art tutorials around the net that might help you.

Good luck with any future projects, whether it is this comic or something else.

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