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Hey yo! There’s other sites on the interweb interblag intertubes internet where you can find A Tale Yet Unclaimed or other stuff made by Bobblit (me). Namely:

The comic on ComicFury: A Tale Yet Unclaimed

The comic on TopWebComics (where you can be a dear and vote for us): A Tale Yet Unclaimed

The comic on Comic Rocket: A Tale Yet Unclaimed

The comic’s tumblr: A Tale Yet Unclaimed

Bobblit’s personal blog (also on tumblr): Bobblit’s Guide to Being Alive

Bobblit’s twitter (sadly, I rarely check this): @LaHoraDeBobblit

You can contact me through any of these sites (although smoke signals and messages in a bottle are more likely to reach me than Twitter: you have been warned), or write me an e-mail to


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