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John Archer, 38

A Tale Yet Unclaimed : Page 38

A Tale Yet Unclaimed : Page 38 published on

Late night update! Well, here it’s late at night, I don’t know anywhere else.

Good news: I FINALLY managed to reinstall the comments system! It was disabled so far because of linguistic challenges: the main site, la Tintomaquia, is in Spanish, and I didn’t know how to prevent the labels of the comment section from appearing in Spanish here too. It was confusing and looked weird, so I just turned them off.

Then I wanted to install Disqus, but honestly, googling them turns out nothing good. Now at last today I discovered how to change the stupid labels, and here we have comments again! Sort of. Yes, you see no comment leaving stuff on this page, but that’s because this is the homepage and not the actual (web)page of today’s (comic)page. Listen, I don’t understand it either, to leave a comment just go here. (Please do it, I very much like comments for breakfast!)

Also for breakfast tomorrow: checking this post’s grammar, I’m tired and it’s probably a holy mess ~~~~~


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