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Nighty Affairs of State, 7


Wait, we’re back to «normal?» Noooooooooooooooooo!
Also, king, I’m sure Mr. Busy Librarian is a very busy man, cut him some slack. Seriously.

Oh wait, you liked the reality-infected art? I thought it looked weird for this story…

This king may be a lot of things, but «reasonable» is usually not one of them!

Sorry I didn’t see this comment earlier, I wasn’t necessarily pro or con the alternate art style (it did seem a little weird for the comic, I suppose), I was merely referring to how normality is the enemy of the kingdom, and you said «back to normal.» Meant as a joke, sorry for the misunderstanding.

(No problem, it’s WordPress’ comments system’s fault for not notifying about answers to comments.)

Oh, I see! Sorry for misunderstanding you, then. Hahaha, I hadn’t thought of that! A bit more and I doom Kengland without even realizing xD

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