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John Archer, 35


Will you be creating a printed edition, mailed out monthly, with some really kewl foreign STAMPS slathered all over them ?

I’m just thinkin’ that because I picked up a package at the Post office today, from Russia, covered in actual stamps, and filled with MOSS SPORES.

You think I am joking. If only I were…..

Secrets are secrets.

But I am hoping to have a video concerning the proper usage of Russian Moss Spores in time for next STARING DAY.

(Spoiler – they die)

The Russian moss spores die?? Somebody call the People for the Ethical Treatment of Moss Spores!

I think I will take some pics and attempt to post them there.

I really shouldn’t, but I DO want to be fair to Moss Spore Fans. Or to be fair to Moss Spore Murderers. Like myself.

(but r they really moss spores ? a colorful liquid test may be in order)

That’s it, I’m telling the Masters of Science to run some tests and then calling the PETMS.

Unless the tests come out negative, but we all know that 97% of the universe are moss spores, so that’s unlikely.

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