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John Archer, 32

A Tale Yet Unclaimed : Page 32

A Tale Yet Unclaimed : Page 32 published on

This week I’ve been pretty busy with the site’s new backgrounds, but hey: the site’s got new backgrounds! You need to have javascript enabled if you want to see both of them, and for some reason none of them seems to work in all mobile versions, but I have no idea why. Whateverrrrr, enjoy the mix of (K)English and not-so-(K)English houses that’s now confusing you in the background!


On a serious note (boring), I see no active content here.

I use an i7 Windows 10 64-bit computer and MS Edge.

(i have absolutely no idea wat i just said)

The background should change depending on the hour of the day, so during the day you would see houses by daylight, then during nightime the same houses but with a starry sky. (There are also dawn and sunset pictures, but those are more difficult to catch.) Can you see any of that?

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