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John Archer, 37

A Tale Yet Unclaimed : Page 37

A Tale Yet Unclaimed : Page 37 published on

Again, all pictures of reality/reality warfare/Dark Demonic Practitioners/other strange things are Art’s Conception (TM), and do not necessarily depict what is happening anywhere, like, at all.

Also, just noticed by accident that today is April’s Fools. (There’s no April’s Fools where I grew up, we do this kind of stuff on the 28th December instead.) Perhaps I should have prepared something but it’s too late now, muahahahah


April Fools Day is Awe-Sum !

R U from Spain, Germany, or mebe the Isle of Man ?

(i am not really familiar with any other locales, other than the moon. and since i have not actually met you while moon-bound, i’m fairly sure that is not the place. I cannot say more without clearance from H.P.L.)

I’m from Spain but living in Germany, so twice right 😛

(Better not say anything more, then. I already get regularly mugged by ninjas and don’t need yet another secret service going after me!)

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