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John Archer, 50

A Tale Yet Unclaimed : Page 50

A Tale Yet Unclaimed : Page 50 published on

PARTY · PARTY · PARTY · PARTYI promised a party for page 50, and here it is! I always fulfill my promises. (Except when I don’t. But this one I did. Apparently.) 50 sounds to me like a really big number, because I had never before made a comic this long; my record so far were 25 pages, and that on a comic that had only three panels per page. (And that I never finished because college got in the way, but I intend to go back and continue it one day, since it was actually a nice story. It’s still here on the internets, albeit in Spanish.)

But back to A Tale Yet Unclaimed. To be honest, I’m still in a «the comic has only started» mindset, not in a «we’re already 50 pages in» one. Maybe this is because 50 pages aren’t actually that many pages, or perhaps because I had originally planned the John Archer chapter to be much shorter than it’s ended up being. I don’t know. But I’m still enjoying making it big time, so thanks a lot for reading. And I hope you keep doing so, because there’s a lot planned for the future!




Arugula !

(this is a common expression of dismay among the kewl felines. well, also surprise. or jubilation).

I’d love to check out your earlier efforts, but I do not speak Spanish.

Is there a version in Cuneiform ?

‘Cause I’d be all over that.

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